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Functions in CoBlocks Functions are incredibly helpful to keep your code organised, easy-to-use and compact! Without functions, we would need to repeat a lot of coding work while struggling to remember where what how an…

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CoBlocks - The Basics Hi and welcome to our CoBlocks tutorial section! This thread is part of an ongoing series that will help you use CoBlocks to create math riddles, animate items, code fun interactions and more. Witho…

Working with variables! [CoBlocks] (5)

Variables in Coblocks Variables are the bread and butter of programs. Without them, it’s hard to make sense of the countless of words and numbers we use to make things fly, run, speak, fall, bounce and dance :dancer:. He…

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Lists in CoBlocks Lists are a kind of variable that store multiple values. With the help of lists you can perform actions for several items at once, keep track of a shopping lists, calculate the sum of several numbers, a…

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