360 picture: disable navigation up and down

Hi all, I am a newbie with cospaces.
I have a 360 picture, that is not really spheric, and I would like to disable the up and down navigation in order to hide the white part of the area. Is that possibile?
Thanks in advance

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You can do coding with it :grinning:

Thanks for reply!
I have no idea how to do it…just a little hint? :slight_smile:

Hi @Giusi!

you can disable view navigating for up and down by adding in an “if up arrow is pressed” block, along with the “if down arrow is pressed” block, and simply not adding any response to the command. However, I have one thing I’m wondering- do you want the camera to still look around but just not vertically, or do you want to completely lock the camera’s view? To do that, you can surround the camera with an invisible barrier and add an “if clicked” block, and just like above, add in no response. I only work with coblocks, therefore I cannot operate with typescript.

Hope this helped!

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