3D environment editing issue

If your scene is small and built around the center part of the editing area, you probably don’t notice this. But, if your scene is huge with objects that somehow are positioned close to the boundary of the editing area, you probably notice the same i do.
In that case i find very hard, in editing mode, to navigate within the editing area and positioning myself close enough to those objects and do some fine-tuning positioning and editing.
It seems you’re always moving around the center of the editing area, without the chance to zoom close to any specific object and zooming/moving around it. The best workaround i found is to see the whole area from a top-down perspective, all zoom out, but you can’t work with precision.
This avoid any serious implementation of (more) complex scenes.
Are there any keyboard combination to allow this, like using arrows while pressing specific keys, or combination with the mouse to select a specific point or object as new focus point or similar (always in editing mode)?

Hi @mariochiesa

Keyboard shortcuts are listed here. You can use Space + LMB to move camera target to any point on the scene, Space + Mouse Wheel to zoom the camera to the mouse position and double click on an item in the item hierarchy to move camera target to this item.


I am having the same problem. I can’t zoom into the edges. BTW what is LMB? it’s not on the shortcuts page.

LMB is Left Mouse Button.

If it is hard to zoom around edges, you could make your objects/items/assets smaller.

I’m trying to building an aztec temple environment with items at the top of the pyramid. so i’m trying to stay in scale with the trees. I can’t work with anything on the top. CoSpaces Edu :: central am structures

Hi John,

As @Nikolay mentioned, you can scale the pyramid down to a point where you can work on it, then scale it back up.

You can do this using the scale icon, or in the Object Inspector, under Transform ( which allows you to get even smaller).

Alternatively, in the Object Inspector > Transform, you can change the Z-index position to a negative value to position the pyramid below the grid, so you can work on the top, then reposition to zero once finished.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Geoff @ TechLeap