3D model problem from Upload -> Web Search

It happens sometimes when you import a 3D model from Web Search. When you hit play, it just goes crazy that your camera is completely out of control. The only way to solve it is to delete all the models imported from Web Search. Have seen the problem for quite a few times. Any solutions for that? Thanks.

Hey FredericYue,

The reason for this could be that the camera collides with the imported objects. Most objects you import have a collision box around them, that means that you can not just walk through them but the camera will collide. If your camera is stuck in one of these objects while you hit play, it might act weird because it is stuck in the object. Could you please try and place the camera next to imported objects and make sure it is not colliding with one of them while hitting play?


I have been struggling the collision box offset problems of imported/custom models as follows:

For models with collision box offset, when I try to add in codes, such as moving and so on, it does not work and also behave strangely (usually just sink below the grid).

Here is the link to the file

Hey @ha_sir,

Could you please provide us the 3d models so we can check them and try to figure out what could cause that problem? You can upload them to Google drive for example and share the link here.

Thank you!

Thanks for the reply.
The STL files are here.
STL files

They are separately exported from TinkerCAD in the same design.

Hey @ha_sir,

Thank you for providing your files. It seems that there is a bug with importing these objects. We are working on it and it will be fixed with the next update.

Thank you!

Super thanks for your work!

The imported STL function now works with the collision boxes, super thanks!!!