3D Model texture issue while importing

1>While uploading external model - How to get the animations in on fbx as it is for internal or library character model
2> glossiness/shiny coming for the external model by default. How to resolve it? But the internal or library model is proper diffused light
3> Scale of BG. In Maya, both character and BG scale is correct but in cospace Character scale correct but BG is small
4> When a new model is uploaded it consume large physical space.
5> We need different backgrounds, give us an option to change the BG image
6> Animation will vary once we import models, and some will be immobile after uploading to cospace

Hi @Uma_Kadam,

Because CoSpaces Edu is web-based, all files you upload need to be downloaded by someone playing your CoSpaces, and therefore it’s best to use low-poly models where possible as this will reduce the download size and complexity.

Built-in animations in model files are not supported in CoSpaces Edu.

This is not SketchFab - you can create your own background image in the CoSpace.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions about this.

Geoff @ TechLeap