3D Model upload showing up black

My 3D model was created in Maya and I added texture to it. I exported the file as obj and got an mtl with it. Now when I upload both the files simultaneously to cospace, the model turns up black. I cant understand what the issue might be. Can anyone please guide me? Thankyou

Hi @Zaineb_Noor
Could you please, attach your files so I can take a look at them

merry go round.mtl (109 Bytes) merry go round.obj (20.2 KB)

Thankyou for reaching out to me. These are the files.

I agree with @Zaineb_Noor, All 3D objects downloaded using cospaces’ tool, no way to change their color, and even some of them go black with no possible way to change the color.
Thank you.

Could you also send the expected result?

Good news, the obejcts that go black seem to be fixed but still can’t change their colors.
these are some example I can’t change their colors, I guess all of the objects from the download tool have this same issue.

Thank you.

Thank you for your help. We found a bug and it will be fixed with the next release