3d model web search

I notice this morning that the 3d model web search function no longer is listed. Was this feature deleted?

When I last used CoSpaces with my students in June, this feature was there. Is there a way for my students to search for 3d models from outside CoSpaces right in CoSpaces?

Interesting question! I will controll my account, maybe it’s due because POLY closed.
Personally I use often the Google Search bar, while I select Creative Commons for use.

After a quick control I see still the possibility for searching images but not for 3D models.
Good luck by searching in alternative ways. There are so much more possbilities to find nice things that I don’t think it’s very important.

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Hi @Partell

Unfortunately, Google closed down Poly which was the database which CoSpaces was using for 3rd party 3D models.

To try and overcome this, before I send an assignment or CoSpaces task out to my students I try to add as many relevant 3D models as I can. This does take a bit of time; however, assists students in visually demonstrating what they are trying to communicate. I have had the most success with SketchFab Creative Commons: https://sketchfab.com/ I do not suggest sending this website to students as it is not filtered. Instead, upload the models into CoSpaces ready for students to use before sending them the task.

I hope this helps you out.