3D Scanning and Exporting

Hello colleagues? Has anyone used any 3D scanning app such as itSeez3D to scan people or other objects and export them to CoSpaces? We are considering to purchase a 3D scanner (Structure Sensor). If you have had any experience with it, I would like to hear your feedback. Did it work well? Is it worth the investment?
Thank you!

Hi, Michael!

I purchased a Structure Sensor scanner recently but I haven’t had much time to test it out yet.

I’m also currently using the Qlone app for iOS on my school iPad and iPhone to 3D scan objects which I’ve had students use in CoSpaces before. Check out the Qlone app!

Hi Michael, thank you for your reply!
I have actually just purchased Intel RealSense Depth Camera instead to try it out. It works for with Windows and not for iPad. It’s just much cheaper - $170. So far I’ve had mixed results. Let me share one photo and one video with you.

I have the Qlone app, but have not used it. I tried it once but didn’t get “excited” about it :slight_smile: Does it work well for you?