3D Scanning and Exporting

Hello colleagues? Has anyone used any 3D scanning app such as itSeez3D to scan people or other objects and export them to CoSpaces? We are considering to purchase a 3D scanner (Structure Sensor). If you have had any experience with it, I would like to hear your feedback. Did it work well? Is it worth the investment?
Thank you!

Hi, Michael!

I purchased a Structure Sensor scanner recently but I haven’t had much time to test it out yet.

I’m also currently using the Qlone app for iOS on my school iPad and iPhone to 3D scan objects which I’ve had students use in CoSpaces before. Check out the Qlone app!

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Hi Michael, thank you for your reply!
I have actually just purchased Intel RealSense Depth Camera instead to try it out. It works for with Windows and not for iPad. It’s just much cheaper - $170. So far I’ve had mixed results. Let me share one photo and one video with you.

I have the Qlone app, but have not used it. I tried it once but didn’t get “excited” about it :slight_smile: Does it work well for you?


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When it comes to exporting to CoSpaces, it’s pretty straightforward and I didn’t run into any issues. I was able to get my scans into CoSpaces with ease and create some pretty cool animations and experiences.

I have used the scanner integrated with the HP sprout device (WorkTools Capture) and it works fine. But I’m curious to learn more about the device you’re using because it’s cheap. Works well? export to .obj ? What are the file sizes? Have you tried 3D printing one of the scans you made?

@JehnMercley Are you using your 3D Scanner with an iPad or PC? I had to go with a Windows tablet because it is much cheaper, but I’ve heard that the iPad option delivers much better outcomes. Also, I can only scan people but not objects. Do you just add the scans to CoSpaces or you also use them in other applications. Could you share a couple of examples? Here is one of ours: CoSpaces Edu :: Scans . We also like to use our scans with Adobe Mixamo in order to animate them and use in Mixed Reality

@ClarCactus When you say “animations” do you mean actual animations (like walking or running)? If so, could you share some examples? I would love to know how you get it to work. I can animate my scans in Mixamo, and download them as FBX files but they don’t get imported well in CoSpaces.

@AGA It is a cheaper option, I agree with you. I also get 50% educational discount from itSeez3D in order to export scans, so it is I think $95 per year. The scans are ok, not perfect. You can see it from my example above. We export them in .obj and .fbx formats. 3D printing never worked.

I’ve definitely had some experience with 3D scanning and exporting. I’ve used itSeez3D before and it was pretty dope. I was able to scan people and objects with ease and the results were pretty accurate. If you’re looking to purchase a 3D scanner, I would definitely recommend the Structure Sensor. I’ve heard great things about it. And while we’re on the topic of scanning, have you tried any automatic document scanning and OCR apps? I recently started using one from Smart Engines. I can now scan and digitize all my important documents in a matter of seconds. Overall, I’d say the investment in a 3D scanner and a document scanning app is definitely worth it.