Access denied : student can't access his own space

I’ve got the same problem jaimedonally described a month ago on a post named "Access Denied to view the CoSpace : a student of mine is denied access to a space he’s working on.

On my side, I can access and run his code, but on his side, he’s denied access. He’s logged in using the app on an iPad. I’ve had him dis+reconnect his account, to no avail.

The student’s name is Kévin Zhao, if that can help. The problem is new of today

Thanks in advance for your time.


Hi @Luc_Tremblay,

we are trying to identify the problem. Could you, please, ask your student to create a video of him logging to CoSpaces and opening this space?
Please, send this video to That would help us a lot


I was wondering if there was any resolution on this. I have a student who started to have this problem today. Thank you!

Was there ever a solution to this problem?