Add a YouTube video to a space?

Is it possible to add a YouTube video to a space?

Hi @kfinklestein,

We don’t support YouTube streaming in spaces in the current version.

Hello Stefan,
Is there any hope that this will be added as a feature anytime soon? We are building a CoSpace for virtual PD delivery and this would be a game changer for us. Thanks!

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Yes it would be great to add this feature

I feel like it would be beneficial to CoSpaces as well since then they don’t have to host videos on their servers… The other benefit would be that we could then use Youtube Live links to host live embedded sessions in a Cospace. Just don’t understand why this isn’t a part of this tool :frowning:

Anybody from CoSpace Team want to chime in on this? Would love to know if this is still on the list of future features. Thanks.

Thank you for bringing this up. This feature is still in our backlog but I do not have any estimates for it

Can’t you download the video and upload it? I can upload videos and add them in the Cospace.

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a) It’s difficult to implement, technically. You can’t embed iframes in a Canvas (to my knowledge).

b) Keeping it child-safe is a challenge

It is possible to download YT videos using online tools and upload, but this is frowned upon for obvious reasons.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Thank you Geoff for your reply!!! Our big push for wanting to have the embed option is to be able to use Live content from Youtube live feeds. The PD that we created in CoSpaces is great but we really wanted to be able to have the live option for our keynote speakers and other presenters. This tool would be out of this world with the ability to embed things like this!!

there are alternatives to Youtube

Actually, all videos uploaded to CoSpaces are stored on YouTube, so it’s definitely a possibility… there might be some news in this space soon…

Geoff @ TechLeap

What alternatives? Could you list any?

Is Crello a good one? I am thinking of using Crello, and I would like to know if anyone had any experience with it. It seems to be a good place for stock footage, but I am willing to listen to other suggestions. I know a few people that use that website to download stock video footage for free. There are many categories to choose from.
A lot of other websites ask for subscriptions that cost a lot of money. Many people can’t be bothered by that, so they download videos from torrents and other sources. That’s not a solution, too, because that video is copyrighted, and you will have problems if you use it…

Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve recently introduced a YouTube video CoBlock for PRO subscriptions that allows you to display videos straight from YouTube :slight_smile:

You can find the new CoBlock in the Events → Web category