Add group items to a list

My scene has 36 circles. I want to add the circles to a list. Currently I have to write a line of code to individually add each circle to the list. (lines 7 thru 43 in example)

The circles are together in a group. Is there a way to add the circles from the group to the list? Something similar to the

for each [element] in (listname) command (line 44)

I’v attached a link to sample space.

Hi @twolken,

The code you meant in your post should look like this:

Unfortunately there is a bug with “child with index” block. We have already fixed it and everything will work with the next update.
Thank you for your help with that bug detection.


Thank you.
From your code sample, it looks like it’s not necessary to add the circles to the list at all.
Do I understand correctly that using the “child with index” block I can directly access the children of the group; i.e. the circles in my example.
That’s great!

Of course, when is that update going to be released? :slightly_smiling_face:



you are right. You can directly access the children of the group and there is no need for the lists