Add Pro teachers to a class

Is there a way to add a teacher that already has their own Pro account to one of my classes as a teacher not a student so they can see the student’s work? When you click on “Add teacher”, the only option is to share your license key with them… but if they already have their license key, there’s no option for them to put in a new one.

I wondered about this, too. Same goes for teacher trainers and the like who help colleagues set up their classrooms and help them with projects at the beginning.

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Hi @MELapolice,

if there are other teachers belonging to the same organisation you yourself are belonging to, they can be added directly. Cospaces sees these teachers and they can be chosen for addition. Other - as far as I can see - can only be added by sharing your license data

Regards Frank

They do belong to the same school, but they got a teacher license, not one for the organization :frowning:

I am still looking for a solution to this problem. How can I add a teacher that already has a Pro account to my plan so we can both share the students and the assignments?

Currently, this isn’t possible. They would have to leave their current license plan and join yours.

Marie-Eve, can you please clarify why these teachers from the same school have different license plans? We’d just like to understand this scenario better. Thanks! :slight_smile: @MELapolice

These are 2 English teachers that share about 70 students. They each got their own plan (30 and 40 seats, I think) and didn’t realize that they wouldn’t be able to see the other’s students when they join their class. Now, since neither has enough space for all the students, they can’t leave their plan and join the other’s.

But, on my side too, there’s a social studies teacher that uses CoSpaces to create historical timelines and he would like us to do cross-disciplinary assignments arts/social studies and both grade the students on the same assignments. Since we both have our own plans, he needs to give me his login info so I can see their work.

In my neck of the woods, people usually work in silos and get their own plans without looking for a schoolwide solution. Also, we all discover the tools at our own time, and we might not even know that another teacher already uses the platform until we strike a conversation about what our students are making. We then think of ways we could co-teach using it.

To conclude, the teachers I have spoken to about this would prefer not to share their plan but be able to add a teacher temporarily to a single class. Maybe it’s because they haven’t been well informed on the way to co-teach and share license plans.

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Thanks for these details! :slight_smile:

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