Adding Physics Stops Events Happening

Nooobie here.

I want a rocket to shoot into a block.
When I leave it with no physics it goes right through the block.

When I add physics the move command doesn’t work


Hi Paul, thanks for reaching out.

To apply physics on a rocket shooting into an object, you must make sure that the rocket has set static and precise collision turned on:

As for the objects that the rocket is hitting, make sure that they are turned off:

You can see an example in this demo space:

With a little coding to activate the rocket too:


Let me know if you need any further help.

That’s cool thanks.
Getting the rocket to go forward is hard to work out. Always wants to shoot off in a weird direction.

Oh man I’m loving and hating this platform.
So many basic functions that just don’t seem to want to work. And I can’t edit text on a block now too.
Driving me a little bit crazy.

Is there a place where there are tutorials and manuals? I can’t seem to find any.

Hi Paul, there are numerous tutorials on our Youtube channel:

Could you please explain more about the issues you’re having? What basic functions aren’t operating correctly? We are always happy to help :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

Thanks @Ben
I was simply trying to drop blocks from the sky on to another box.
Whatever I did the thing would fall through it.
Tried program to attach to the top. No good.
So eventually after about 4 hours worked out to move to a certain x,y,z position.
But then the box just hovers there.

It’s all good now but not obvious how to do things. I was trying to open a door the other day too and that seemed over complicated too.
And how to walk over a bridge.

Was just hurting my head.

There’s also very few how to videos on your youtube channel.
More introductions to the platform.

Or very few of the more complex videos.
You have the real basic stuff though.

Thanks for the feedback, Paul. We will discuss your comments and see what we can do to improve moving forward.

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I’m having the same problems as Paul (item is dropping through the platform on click of “play”). Something that would be helpful would be if the tutorial didn’t fast forward over everything that needed to be toggled for physics to work. I keep going back and rewatching but I am sure there is something that I didn’t catch or something that isn’t shown.
I followed the “How to use Blockly with the physics mode” video. My code is the same as shown in the video.

I figured it out. I need to set “set static” to each of the platforms.

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