Additional Videos explaining to students how to make escape rooms

I work with gifted kids grades 2-4 and am looking for a step by step video or power point that explains how to create their own escape room. We watched the video about how to make a game which helped some. Thanks

Hey! I have actually created several escape rooms using CoSpaces. If you want, I would be more than happy to record the process.

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That would be great. I looked at the code on one and it was like java or python and we really need to use coblocks. My kids are very eager to learn and so am I . Thanks so much !


I would loe to see your tutorials as well. We are using breakout for digital escape rooms but this would add a whole new layer. Please send me a link to your tutorial at or

A thousand pleases and thank yous!


I would love to get the tutorials too, plz :slight_smile:


You can also create escape rooms with Metaverse:**