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How do I keep my viewer on a laterally moving platform? The camera ALWAYS falls off. I want it to move with the platform when the camera is on the platform like it does in scene 3 of the VR Adventure Game.

Further inspection seems to have answered this question, it isn’t code but an invisible wall?

You are correct! That’s why the platform moves sideways, not forward, because the camera would have had trouble climbing over the invisible barrier. This was my first solution, but it may not be the best.

I have seen some other solutions where the platform has the invisible barrier on the side opposite to the camera, then the whole platform turns 180° in a split second before it moves in the other direction, stopping the camera falling backwards. Another solution could be moving the invisible barrier down to allow the camera to pass, then moving it back up when the platform moves.


Hi Brian,

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like @ElenaRenn already said, at the moment you need to work with some tricks if you don’t want to fall off a moving platform. We are working on a solution to that because it should not behave like this as long as the camera is in “Walk” mode.

I’ve made an example where I attached walls to the platform and when the platform is moving we can rotate the walls so that the player can’t fall off. You can make the walls invisible using the opacity slider so that the player can’t notice them.

Here is the Blockly code used in the example:


The camera now has friction and will stay on top of moving surfaces.