Allowing CoBlocks Functions to be available across all scenes

In CoBlocks, replicating functions in different scenes (e.g. for scoring in games) can be time-consuming, since it’s not possible to copy & paste functions between scenes.

It would be handy if there was a checkbox to allow functions to also be available across scenes, as well as scripts.

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

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Hi @techleapnz,

Thanks for your feedback! Having CoBlocks functions available throughout the space is something we discussed internally, but at this time we still see some usability problems with it. There are certain situations (e.g. local item references inside of functions) that would make such feature complex and not always easy to use which would be a requirement for a CoBlocks feature. Still, it’s something we’ll keep in our minds and continue to investigate :slight_smile:

About copying and pasting functions between scenes: You are able to copy & paste CoBlocks functions between scenes by using either the copy & paste dropdown options or the keyboard shortcuts CTRL/CMD + C and CTRL/CMD + V. The video below shows an example of how CoBlocks functions are copied between scenes.

Hope this helps!

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Regarding copying & pasting functions, I thought I could too (in fact, I’ve given this advice to other teachers), but when I tried earlier today it wasn’t working.

I’ve re-tried now, and it’s fine - just realised the problem was that I tried to copy a function that referenced another function, without copying the referenced function first - which makes sense.

Thanks for re-affirming this. I’ve removed this as a feature request, as I think copy & paste is fine - I just got a little befuddled with the copy order :blush: