Android app and IOS app

Is the Android app available? I am sending instructions for the parents to download the app. I found the link for IOS devices, but the android says not available in your country. Is it available in other places besides the US?

Hello Mary,
Where are you downloading the app from ? As I have not had any issue downloading it from Saudi Arabia (for both the Maker and Edu app)

I downloaded the iOS app and installed it on my iPad Air without a problem. But it did not work properly on my iPad. I tested it on other iPad generations then, and it worked well. I don’t know what the problem was. My iPad Air is running iOS 11.0.1. Any ideas?

HI @SkyBlue,

which iPad model are you using? Please use this support page from apple to help identifying it.

If possible, please describe us the moment when the app stopped working (e.g. when you started the button with a click on the button, or when you opened a space?)