Animated dog fetching a stick

I wanted to use the dog animated object to make a fetch game. How do I animate the dog to carry a stick in its mouth while running/dropping it etc?

So I have become a kindergarten teacher who is obsessed with CoBlocks :stuck_out_tongue: If I can do it I know you can :slight_smile: First step would be to create your dog in your environment and set animation by right clicking to run. When you click on code make sure CoBlocks is blue then press the top button to code and select CoBlocks. The bars you will need will be in the advanced settings on the bottom. You will need when dog is clicked to go to set dog animation to animate and then to be running parallel with the dog following a path to the stick. Once the dog gets to the stick the next step would be to have the sticks path rise up into the dogs mouth and then proceed to run parallel the dog and the stick. The last piece would be for the scene to end and reset to the main scene.

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Thanks…I worked on an example but there must be a better way to locate the mouth in the animation rigging?

Hi @Sujit_Vasanth,

you can attach the stick to the dogs head slot and then transform it to be in the center of the mouth.
I have made a sample scene for you. you can remix it and see how the animation works with attached items

Hi I played it and it looks perfect! however I can find no way to view the code or remix it???

Hi @Sujit_Vasanth,

I have updated the sharing options and now you can remix it. Sorry for the inconvenience