App crashes or hang halfway while playing

I currently have a AR project with about 22 scenes. About 20-25 people had played the game and I have realised that the app crashes or hang quite often and there are quite a lot of glitch when the users are playing. Is there a way to solve this issue?

Hello, could you please share with us your scene?

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There is a piano made from 3 images in gif-format. We found a bug with showing static images in gif-format. The bug will be fixed with the next release.
Now you can remove that piano or replace images with the same in png format.

I have tried removing the piano tiles but the app still crashes, most of the time at the gallery scene.

Can you please specify, which scene is the gallery? I cannot find it

Scene 3 and scene 4. both scenes are the same but one is the english version and one is the chinese version. whenever the video is played, the scene crashes