AR Scene Camera Stops Responding/Scene "frozen" in place

Okay, I have an animation in my tree scene involving a dancing squirrel. It runs down the tree and starts dancing on the ground. The problem is that when I move my iPad around to view the scene, the initial viewpoint seems to be frozen or locked in place, so I can no longer, say, look up at the tree branches, etc. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, or if it’s an app issue?


Edit: I’ll add that when viewing this in non-AR, the scene does not “freeze” the camera like this.
Edit2: At first I thought the freeze occurred just when the squirrel started the dance animation, but after repeated testing, I’ve found the freeze can kick in even when just viewing the tree, or when the squirrel is running down the tree, or after the squirrel is already in the middle of the dance animation.
Also, whenever I place the scene, the scene’s ground level is always like 2 feet above the actual ground–would be great to be able to adjust/fix that.

Just tried it again today, still happening. My iPad is listed as compatible: 11-in. iPad Pro
If anyone can try this and offer advice/solutions, I’d really appreciate it. I’m planning on using this scene (among others) for a public demo next month and would hate for things to not work as they should…
For now the camera freeze is the big problem. Seems to happen more when the scene isn’t shrunk down. The “appears a couple of feet off the ground” might just be subjective.

HI @Will,
We are trying to identify the problem and solve it. I will keep you updated

Thank you @Nikolay, much appreciated!
If you have any trouble replicating on your end, let me know–I can try taking video of it as it happens on my iPad, etc


Hi @Will ,

Could you please update us with additional information below:

  1. Was the problem with “frozen” scene noticable only for this scene or also for some other scenes?
  2. Does the issue reproduce constantly or from time to time?
  3. What is the iOS version of device that you are using?
  4. Is it possible to provide video with steps to reproduce this “frozen” scene?

Thank you in advance!

Hello Tatiana!

  1. I’ve only noticed it with this scene so far, although admittedly I haven’t made a lot of scenes yet…
  2. The issue happens constantly, although the point/timing it occurs in the scene while viewing it does seem to be somewhat random at times, but is consistently reproducible when viewed at full size and clicking the tree.
  3. My iPad Pro 11-inch (64GB) is running on iOS 13.3.1
  4. Attaching video here (sorry if it seems shaky, as I was recording with my phone while using the iPad).
    You should be able to see that I open the scene in CoSpaces on the iPad, then hit Play, and in second 13 I choose the AR play option. Next you’ll see me scanning the floor with my iPad and at second 27 I tap to place the scene. From there I scan the tree up and down a few times to show that the scene is behaving normally. At 1:12 I click the tree to activate the squirrel script, and around 1:27 you should see that the scene freezes (moving the iPad doesn’t change the camera position).

Thank you! We will investigate the issue and update you with feedback.

Just checking in. Been a busy last couple of weeks for me so haven’t had much time to do so.

Any luck tracking this one down?

Hi @Will ,
The issue was fixed and will be available on production with next release update.
Let us know if anything else.


Thank you, Tatiana, glad to hear it!