ARGH! IS COBLOCKS COMPATIBLE WITH AFFINITY PHOTO EXPORT? CoBlocks Not Reading Photos/Scenes After Affinity Export

I edited myself out of a 360 photo in Affinity. Import looks and scrolls just fine. BUT when I try to add code, CoBlocks doesn’t read photo. Only says “No Scenes” … anybody have an idea on how I can modify my workflow to import an edited 360 photo compatible with CoBlocks?

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Hi @andrewholland, nice news. Coblocks is compatible with 360° photos.
But be attent, when you wish to code, don’t select the Tour scene. Select 360° image mode.
I added one of my CoSpaces to show you that it is possibile. As you can see I used the CoBlock ‘go to the scene’ to change scene. If this helps you please remark this topic as resolved. Cave Rock paintings