Attaching images to imported models

I downloaded a Sketchup model of a gallery, to make “my own” gallery. It contains display boards - about 1.8m high.
I did use the Explode option on th Display boards to re-colour them in Sketchup.
After I import photos to Cospaces, I’d like to attach the photos to a Display Board, and lock them into position.
Whatever I’m doing, I can’t seem to stick them and have them stay in position. Any suggestions for a noob?

HI @Paul_Rayner,

Could you please share your CoSpaces so I could take a look?

Hope this get’s you what you need - CoSpaces Edu :: AIS Precinct , and thanks!!!

I couldn’t see any images in your CoSpace, Paul - are you able to make the space remixable, so we can check it out?

I also noticed there’s a lot of flickering on the floor - this is called Z-fighting, and occurs when two planes are clashing. You can fix this by raising the building slightly.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Thank you. I’ve changed to allow remix - CoSpaces Edu :: AIS Precinct.
The images can be found by walking to the left hand side of the Gallery on entry. Wallk all the way in turn righ and follow the back wall. The image are down the path a bit.

Hi @Paul_Rayner,

the easiest way is to use translation mode for precise positioning:


You could also lock your Sketchup model so it is easier to click on the objects inside the model.

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Thanks. I’d tried to use the translation mode. But I think I keep inadvertantly moving the model with my noob antics. Can I lock the model so it doesn’t shift around?

Sure, you can do it be selecting the model and clicking the Lock option in the menu

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