Audio issues in play mode

Hi all, today I’ve had a problem regarding to audio recorded or imported into CoSpaces. Everything goes well but wen I try to listen the scene in play mode audio doesn’t play… have you this problem?
Thank you

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Hi @Giuseppe_Schiuma,

  1. Is it set as a background sound, or being called via CoBlocks/Typescript/Python?
  2. Is it an old CoSpace with sound, or a new one?
  3. Does it work on other computers?

I have no problems with either at the moment.


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Hi @techleapnz, I have this problem only working with PC and for me me it’s the first time (no problem with smartphone or iPad). The issue is either with sound imported (mp3 and m4a) and recorded, with all the CoSpaces new and old and also with other computers.

Could you share one of the Cospaces, so that I can check from this side of the world?

Also, are you checking from school? I am wondering if it’s firewall-related.

yes sure: CoSpaces Edu :: Erasmus project

Sounds absolutely fine from my end - I can hear all the audio. Maybe hit F12, check out the Network tab to see if there are any resources which are failing to load.

Maybe try and clear browser cache on your PC?

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Hello @techleapnz @EdTechnocation thank you for your comments, I’ll update you on this strange behavior… I made the project for a course I was following in Finland at the Aalto University by connecting to their wifi networks. From my Macbook the audio was not heard in play mode while from the iPad it worked regularly … now that I’m back everything works as it should. I still don’t understand what happened.

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That’s very strange! Maybe a glitch in the Matrix! :smiley:

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