Best device for VR and AR

Looking for the best device for CoSpaces that works for VR and AR. It must be big enough to fit into the Merge headset. We notice the apple version is too small and you do not get the best experience. Also, we have one xiaomi mi5 but they are no longer in production. Our goal is for them to be good for AR and VR with CoSpaces/Merge cube but also run spheros, mbots and other programs. Looking for help! Thanks.

@mpage, we selected the LG V30 for using it together with the Geneeo VR headset (or similar, like the Bobo VR Z4 or the VR Shark X4). It’s ok also for the Merge headset. Another plus is that is a Google Daydream certified smartphone, so it gives you more opportunity for testing and experiencing other content. It currently runs Android 8, but by mid 2019 it will receive Android 9, and that makes it future-proof for many other programs.

We are using Oneplus6 and Oneplus5t with Merge, both work great with VR and AR.

I am using the Merge AR/VR, has no audio output (so sound plays through phone, which might be distracting for the class). Otherwise, I am really happy with the other features - extremely comfortable, looks durable with almost like foam body, easy to set up in seconds out of the box.

Does anyone use a hand controller with Cospaces? If so which one? I read that Oculus Go works but I don’t know if I can get it shipped to where I am - currently on the Oculus site HK is unavailable for delivery. I want to be able to have more interactive experiences in VR with my students.

Hi Mark - did you have any luck getting the Oculus Go?

We are using them and it has been good with our students. Just need to keep track of the headsets and controllers.

Hello…i recommend the Unity App. Regardless of which one you own or develop for, needs some configuration before you can start VR development. Once you have Unity downloaded and installed, you’ll want to create a Unity account ID to log and publish your projects.

i’am using oneplus6 . that’s amazing