Black boxes with crosses

My students have been working on their projects for some time. We are using free 3D models from PolyPizza and Free3D. This morning we star to seeing black boxes with white crosses in place of some models. Disappearing models were used for a while across different projects.
Where is the problem? How could I solve it or prevent it? Shell we start to replace them or they will re-upload themselves at some point?
As always thank you for your support :slight_smile:


Hi @Lucy_Jachacy,

Yes, I remember seeing these before, which seems like a 3D version of a the image 404. @Stefan @Ilya.Shkuratov, any thoughts on why these uploaded objects might disappear from a CoSpace?

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The grey box with white cross means that the asset was removed from the scene. So if you not able to find the 3D model in โ€œUploadโ€ โ†’ โ€œ3D modelsโ€ tab that is the case.

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Thanks for confirming @Ilya.Shkuratov. Any ideas on why 3D model uploads would suddenly disappear from the Uploads area? @Lucy_Jachacy, can you point Ilya to an example remixable CoSpace where this is occurring?

Well, there is not much options, given the fact that we do not receive similar reports from other users the only possible scenario that I see is that somebody (student or whoever had an access to the app) removed the asset.