Block test function when building?

Hi. Am wondering if there is a function to test a block (or set) as you are building, rather that having to “Play” after changes to see if it works? Sometimes this can add a lot of wait time when coding.
Example. I have a a character speaking, a video playing then am adding something after that, then I have to view the entire scene to see if my addition works. If there was a function that allowed you to click on a block of code to see what happens during the build that would speed things up.
Is this possible?
Happy Easter to all!

Hi @Roy_Anderson,

There are a couple of ways to achieve this:

  1. The first and simplest is to select the code you don’t want to run, right-click, and select “Disable”. Once you’ve finished testing your code, right-click the code you disabled and select “Enable”

  2. Add functionality to allow you to call code sections. Use functions to group your code, then use events such as a keyboard press to call the function you want.

  3. Be aware of the code debugger available when viewing CoSpaces - click coffee icon in top right corner.

Hope that helps :blush:


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Thanks Geoff,

I like option 1. Not too sure yet about option 2 but will investigate.

Not too sure either about the code debugger - I cant see a coffee icon?



See below and see the CoSpaces Edu Debugger YouTube video. Please mark my answer above as solving your query, if it has. Cheers!