Blocked from CoSpaces in our school. Google Workspace?

Hi. We’re a Google Workspace school. Our students are being blocked from access to Co-Spaces. It says
“You can’t access this app until an admin at your institution reviews and configures access for it. If you need access to this app,”

I have full access to the admin console for our Google Workspace. I can see some other apps where we can authorise permission. Does anyone know where we can go in the admin console to allow cospaces? I’ve found one version in the Android apps section…but not anywhere else? Thanks for any clues! How do I let students use this application? (We just want to try the free one…last year it was no issue.) Thanks!

Edit: I did find the Google Workspace Marketplace…but when I search for “Cospaces” in there it does not appear? Very interested how other Google schools have got this to work? Thanks!

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I ended up finding it…there was a spot within the API allow options in the Google Admin console…just in case that helps anyone else.

Just get students to request access and it should come through.

For some reason it doesn’t seem to appear on searches like other marketplace apps like Sketchup etc. Anyway…there is certainly a setting that has to be ticked to allow it to work. Thanks


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