Blockly Coding - How to Make the Floor Move the Camera

I was wondering how to use Blockly to make the floor rise at a relatively moderate pace, but at the same time send the camera to a specific location if it happens to touch the rising floor.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Oscar,

The floor cannot be coded as it is built into the environment/space. You could however use the building blocks and code them to move upward. Could you perhaps send across an example of what you would like to achieve exactly?


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Thanks for replying!

How would I make it so that if the camera falls and touches the black floor, it reappears not on the top block, but on the block under it?

I played with this a bit and I am sure @Benny could do this more efficiently than I can, but you would set it up so that when the camera touches. Something like this might work (upon collision)the floor it moves to the x,y,z (0,-.75,12 on the one I built really quickly) coordinates that would be directly above the lower block. floor code)

Though for some reason my collision mode isn’t working at the beginning so I just keep falling through the blocks as I jump up to the 2nd block repeatedly.(Moving forward first because the camera would just collide with the underside of the bottom block.)

Thanks for the reply!

Hi Oscar,

you can also use the “on update” event to check for a certain condition for every frame. In your case it could look something like this.

Here we check if the z-position of the camera is less then 2 (means you fell down to the ground basically) and then set a new position for the camera.

Are those coblocks? I can’t seem to find them to make my elevator work and not have my camera immediately fall through.

@octowing This is an old topic from 2017, still using Blockly as language, but here is a version using coblocks. Hope to have helped.