Blockly On Hover Block

Hi, I’m teaching a class tomorrow that uses CoSpaces. I was reviewing the material just now, and the on hover block isn’t working in Blockly. I’ve tried on different scenes, different spaces, and even another computer. It has worked in the past for me, but not today. Do you know what the problem might be?

Hi @Hank_DeVries,

the onHover block issue for Blockly is a known problem and will be fixed with our the next release. The onHover block in CoBlocks still works as expected.

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Hi, please solve this asap! We have many spaces in Blockly and we are not planning to move them on CoBlocks. We also experienced some weird font rendering with pixelated labels in many scenes!


HI @mariochiesa,

our new update that will fix this issue is on the horizon. We’re waiting for green light from the app stores / platforms we distribute to and then send out the newsletter. Once you receive the newsletter, the update is in effect immediately

Edit: I just got news that the update will happen next week Monday :slight_smile:

Hi Stefan,
thanks for the info…
to speak generally, do you suggest to invest time and move everything on coblocks rather than stay with blockly? I mean, do you plan to add new features and functions to coblocks only and just ‘continue to support’ blockly?
Or, on the other side, are there any features/functions in blockly not supporte by coblocks?
I’m planning future activities for the just started new school’s year and beyond… thanks!

We plan to continue developing and improving CoBlocks. As of now, it has all Blockly blocks (except the input on key down blocks) and more. We’ll continue to support Blockly for now, but using it will be limited to the browser only.

With CoBlocks, you are able to program on more platforms such as tablets. This opens up coding in entirely new environments. More will come in future updates :slight_smile: