BUG? - Different view on Phone vs. PC

I came across an issue where the play view on the mobile app and the PC look different and the way the camera height plays in seems to me like it might be a bug :slight_smile:

Here is what I did

  • Put a text element in front of the camera - e.g. middle of view
  • All seems fine on mobile device and PC - text is in middle of view in play mode.
  • Add code and make the text a child of the camera in CoBlocks (HUD like idea)
  • Now the height of the text element is different on PC and mobile device in play mode.
  • Now adjusting the height of the camera has no effect on the PC, but moves the height of the text in the mobile app.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @tproffen,

Thanks for the report! Would you be able to share the space with us in which you noticed this behavior?

Here is the space - https://cospac.es/DvKE

Had another look, if the camera height is 1.7, all seems fine. If it is a different height (lower in my case), I see the bug. When I play the shared space on a PC and Android Phone, I get the score text at a different height

Hi @tproffen,

Thanks for sharing the scene! The reason why the text element seems to change height in the play mode is because the camera item always tries to reach a minimum height of around 1.7m-1.8m when it is set to Walk mode.

So before your text has the chance to parent itself to the camera, the camera lifts to the minimum height required for the walking mode. Only then the CoBlocks code runs and the text item is attached to the camera.

Here are some fixes for this behavior
a) Adjust the scale of items in the scene to match the default height of the walking camera
b) Remove collisions on the camera
c) Set camera to Fly mode

Alternatively, you can parent the text item to the camera without CoBlocks like this:

Got it - thank you. I love the way you are showing in the video without even using blocks.
Thanks - Thomas

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