Bug report: "Sort CoSpaces by" does not remember my choice

Oop, looks like I’ve found a bug! Luckily it’s not too major, but it does tick me off a little. Not sure if it’s on my end or everybody’s, please let me know if you can reproduce this bug.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to the “Free Play” page which lists all your non-class related CoSpaces.
  2. Use the sorting button to change the order in which your CoSpaces are sorted. For example, I changed it from “Creation date” to “Recently edited.” The sort order should correctly be applied.
  3. Leave the page and return (for example, switch to the Gallery, then return to Free Play).

What I thought should happen: CoSpaces remembers the sort order I had selected last time, and starts by sorting the list in that order.
What actually happens: CoSpaces automatically resets my chosen sort order to “Creation date,” regardless of the fact that I had changed my sort order to something else.

This gets annoying because I have quite a few freeplay CoSpaces, and for my “Grand Project” stay tuned folks, I am editing the CoSpace that I created least recently. This means that I need to scroll down every time I want to work on this project. Whereas if I could set my CoSpaces to always sort by “Recently Edited,” I don’t even need to think or scroll, just click on the first CoSpace in my list.

Is this an issue experienced by others? Or is it just me?

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Same for me. For me, it’s more of a feature request, but I guess it depends on your expectations.

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Well that’s annoying.

The fact that the sort order resets to creation date upon every visit is very disappointing. There is literally no excuse to delay implementing trivial features like these. I hope to see this implemented well and quickly within the coming months.