Bulk share codes for class assignments

Throughout 2020 we are keen to share our students’ work with the school community. We use class assignments for the teachers to oversee the projects and this process is incredibly smooth.

The process of sharing assignments is very time consuming if the teacher has to individually go into each student assignment. If there could be a feature to generate a PDF sheet of class codes and share links this would be a phenomenal new feature. In the meantime, is there anyone who has found a really efficient workflow to share assignments in bulk?




I have 75 5th graders make CoSpace worlds. I create a web page with google sites and make a page for each student. Then I embed their world on their page. I also insert a text box so they can explain their world.

I do have to click the share button on each students page to get the link, but his only has to be done once. If my students were older they could copy their world to the google site themselves.

Once they are all finished I publish the page. All the spaces can be viewed here. This year I also added a comment sheet to each page so the students can review each others worlds. This system works well for us in terms of sharing everything.


I didn’t encounter this problem yet but I think it really is a necessity for teachers to check works of students quicker.
Would love to see this feature live…


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