Camera keeps falling

Each time this student attempts to play her code, the camera falls down. We’ve checked the x, y, and z coordinates etc and can’t find anything wrong with it. Can anyone please tell us how to get the camera to stay ‘mid air’ when the game is started? CoSpaces Edu :: Camera keeps falling

Hi @KymTrew ,

The camera is falling because your camera movement is Walk - in this mode, physics is applied to the camera.

For the camera to stay in mid-air, double-click/tap on your camera, click on Camera, then under Camera Movement, select “Fixed position”, “Fly”, or “Orbit”.

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Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap


Hi Geoff
This does not solve my problem. In every other cospaces of my students, the camera is set on walk so you can e.g. walk though a room and it in those other spaces it does not fall down. But in this cospace it does: CoSpaces Edu :: Aufgabe 3: Euer Zimmer


Hi Sebastian,

Walk movement applies physics, so the camera has been raised, and is falling down. The reason it has been raised, I guess, is because the scale of the space is so big. I would lower the camera to a height where it doesn’t fall down, and scale all the items down (Ctrl+A) to make the camera view realistic.

If you don’t think this solves the problem, please allow the space to be remixed, and we can take a look.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi Geoff

Thanks! I downscaled it and that did the trick.


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