Can a student create a class?

Dear Cospaces Community and Team,
I am writing this post to ask if a student can create a class in This is because I will be teaching my fellow classmates in my STEM class how to use cospaces as well as experience the worlds they then create. I initially signed up as a student to test all the functionalities that were available to me as a student. So I am able to create my class or do I have to create a teacher account in order to do so ?

Hi Luc,

at the moment only teachers can create classes and a students can then join this class. So in order to create a class you need to have a teacher account.

Thank you for your response, I have another quick enquiry. If I get a pro trial from my maker account and apply it to my teacher account will all my student have pro ?

Hi Luc,

yes, from your CoSpaces Maker account you can transfer to CoSpaces Edu. There you are getting access to the Pro trial for one month, together with your students you have added to this account.