Can add multiplayer?

Can code it so that people can play in a CoSpaces project? :grinning: Like Roblox or Minecraft or BTD Battles(2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

@Steven_Tillson pls help

I mean add it or consider the subject.

Hi @Guy!!

Multiplayer is not an option at the moment.

Despite this, it depends the game you are designing. Imagine you should move a sfere through a road, like a labyrinth. Yo can set the camera on the top and set “a w d s” to move red ball, and :arrow_backward::arrow_up::arrow_right::arrow_down: to move green ball.

Finally if green ball collides the finish line before red, green wins one point…

I’ve never do this, but I think it can works as a multiplayer game.