Can you make something move to a set point after it's already moved?

my group is trying to make it so a cannonball moves forward when the cannon is clicked, and then the cannonball turns invisible for a set amount of time before turning visible again at the front of the cannon. can we do this?

edit - i understand how to make the cannonball visible / invisible, it’s more the motion bit that’s confusing me.
edit 2: we’re trying to make it so the cannon moves with the camera, but all we’ve gotten is that the cannon attaches above the camera, which isn’t what we want. :frowning:

Hi @airsai,

you can attach camera to the cannonball and then position it on a distance. While camera is attached it will follow the ball.

If you have other questions, please, share your CoSpace so I can take a look at it

that worked, thank you :smiley:

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