Can you sell games made with Cospaces?

Hello, I am a person who uses Cospaces for personal use. I use this for a lot of coding projects. I was wondering if I could publish projects I make in your engine to something like the google play store, a website, etc., using the HTML share option and converting that into a .exe/.apk file (or maybe just leaving it up on a website). Am I allowed to do any of this? Thanks!

Hi @Admiral_Senel_Tal_St,

No, it’s not possible, and not allowed. Please read the full CoSpaces Edu Terms of Use.

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

You probably could remake the projects in unreal engine and then sell them (with your own 3d models)

Thank you! I was planning on getting started with Unreal Engine soon.

Thanks for the help!