Cannot find All About Me Template

I want to do this activity with my students on Monday; however, when I try to click on the link to get to the template, it says that I do not have access to it. This is the All About Me lesson. When I go to the Gallery in my Cospaces account, I do not have a search option and I have looked through all of the examples and do not see All About Me.

Hi @pamnicholson,

this is the latest version of our All about me template space. It was also renamed to “Presentation Template”.

Which link did you click that should have gotten you to the All about me template?


Thank you. Could this link please be added to the PDF for the All About Me handout. Thanks ~ Pip

How do you write on both sides of the blocks?

Hi Stefan thanks for sharing the All about me template, I am very new to Cospaces and want to do a lesson with my class. Could you share with me how I can write on both sides of the blocks please. Also is there a printable handout to go with this to assist their learning?
many thanks