Cannot open project in Chrome

I have problem in opening project in Chrome and (opening a new created empty project).
it keep saying “Loading” for an hour.
The Chrome ver is up to date: Version 83.0.4103.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)
and I have enable “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

I can open it once but after closing the project, I cannot open again.(even open a new project)

Hi @Giselle_Chan,

Could you please help us by answering a few questions?
do you have “Developer tools” tab opened? Are you using it on PC?

Thank you in advance

Yes. i am using it on PC. I have removed all the cookies and the problem still exist, thanks.

The error state:
A cookie associated with a cross-site resource at was set without the SameSite attribute. A future release of Chrome will only deliver cookies with cross-site requests if they are set with SameSite=None and Secure. You can review cookies in developer tools under Application>Storage>Cookies and see more details at


Chrome developer tools should be closed , otherwise huge lag is expected.
This is a bug in Chrome: