Can't detach a Group object using CoBlocks!

Hi, I hope you all doing well.
I have a weird issue when I want to detach an object I’ve created from an other object. I didn’t find it in the drop list of the coblock “detach from parent”. You may find get insights with this cospace

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Hi @tajajtsidi,

I consider this a bug, as it is already possible to manually detach a group from its parent, so anything that can be detached should show in the detach Item from parent CoBlock.

However, I’ll leave it to @Stefan to decide whether this is a bug or a feature request.

Either way, it would be great to have it fixed, as it’s been an issue for my students too! I note that it has also been previously reported at Detaching group items - #3 by Bladebob20000

Many thanks,

Geoff @ TechLeap