Can't find "Welcome to CoSpaces" space

Hi all - as I’m preparing to return to the classroom soon, I can’t seem to find the “Welcome to CoSpaces” space that was in the gallery. I relied upon this as a tutorial for my students to become familiar with CoSpaces. Please, where can I find it?

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Hi @MBridges,

all students should be able to find the Welcome to CoSpaces - space in their Free Play dashboard.

Alternatively, you can remix the space here in case it was accidentally deleted


Thank you!!! I hadn’t tried logging in as a student but could not locate with my teacher account.

Hello all

I am testing the platform for the first time and I lost this great space too (I deleted it…). Thanks to @Stefan I can visit it, but not edit it nor add it to My Spaces.

Any hint will be very welcome. Thanks!

Hi @Gonzalo,

to make use of the remix functionality you need to have a PRO subscription of CoSpaces Edu. Please connect with one of our Ambassadors to get a trial code. They’ll be happy to help! You can reach out to them here in the forums or via twitter!

Thank you, this solved my problem. However, it would be much more convenient if there were a feature for students to simply reset the tutorial rather than having to remix it and delete the old one.

What I am doing is adding it in to each of my student’s accounts, then duplicating it and making one a master copy. Each time a new student accesses the account, I will instruct them to duplicate the master and name the duplicate with their own name.

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