Can't play spaces in Android chrome browsers

In the last week I have noticed that Android users cannot view spaces using the share link in their browsers. For that matter, if using the CoSpaces app in Anroid clicking the “share” icon now pulls up the generic Android sharing options (sharing to other apps, via text, etc) instead of just showing the URL, embed code, and QR code like it used to and this has been confusing to many students.

Regardless, when following the URL or QR code to any shared space in an Android chrome or firefox browser the user is redirected to the Google Play store and asked to download the CoSpaces app, which I don’t believe was the case a couple weeks ago. I have tested this on my phone, my Android’s chrome and firefox browsers are up to date and WebGL compatible. The ease of sharing to other devices was the primary reason my department chose CoSpaces and was the primary way that all my students were planning to view and share their final projects with the rest of the school. Does anyone know what happened???

Hello Hannah,

This was always like this: you can use CoSpaces in browser on your desktop; in order to use it on your android or ios device you need CoSpaces app downloaded from play store or appstore respectively.

You do not have to create an account or login to view shared spaces though.

Best Edu application, you can make AR & VR in the classroom & you can build anything in 3D, I use it on my iPhone 7, but I am trying to install it on my iPhone 11 pro trying to install but the error 0xe8000015 I found while Installing It might be a network issue or must be hardware issue.