Can't view student assignment

I have set up assignments for my students however for one student - although I can physically see her working directly on actual assignment, I cannot actually see her work in Teacher view under classes. I have double checked that she is working on the correct assignment and not in free play. Please help

Sometimes my students copy the assignment to their Free Play.
You might want to check there.

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Thanks for sharing.
Have already checked ‘Free Play’, however it appears she is working on the actual assigned task on her end (she can see my task instructions together with the default task name).
I also tried to get her to copy her cospace to her ‘Free Play’, and still can’t see it on my end.
I have noticed that her Cospace end-code is different to the one I can see - not sure where this assignment is?

Hi @Evagelia_Korkidas,

Have you confirmed that she is in your class under Students? Is she working in a different Scene from the default one you open up on?

If there is still an issue, I suggest you send all the details to @Stefan via private message. Make sure you include your account name, student’s username, class name, and assignment name.

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

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Thanks so much for the advice - she is not working in different scenes from the default one (lol - just checked).
I will forward issue to Stefan, thank you very much.