Can't walk through open doorways

I can not walk through open doorways when pressing play to interact with my CoSpace. It WORKED before Christmas, but not now. The doors will open and close, but I can’t pass through. This is happening on more than one build, and in the app and on my laptop in Chrome.

It works fine though, when interacting with the CoSpace using a code to access it. I don’t know how to make it work again. Help please as this was my exemplar for my Term 1 assessment piece.

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Hi, I had the same issue in these days. The door object when it was placed didn’it create ‘the whole in the wall’. I needed to ricreate the wall a round the door and used CoBlocks to open the door. I noticed last week that there was an upgrade maybe it has something to do with this. Maybe it’s a bug. Anyway I’m sure the door issue will be fixed soon. @Stefan

Hi, CoSpaces users,
thank you for reporting!

We have found a reason of such unfriendly behavior and will provide a fix as soon as possible.

Sorry for inconvenience!


To me, it appears this issue has been fixed: I seem to be able to walk through attached doors correctly again, and I can now click anywhere on a door to trigger it’s click event rather than only on the handle.

Thank you for fixing this bug!

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Thank you so much. It now works on my PC perfectly, just in time for the return to work!

(Not to sound ungrateful, but it is still having the same problem on the app though. I don’t normally use the app, so it won’t be a problem for me personally, but could be for others, who do.)