Car Physics and Slopes

So I want my car to be able to go up slopes, but when i try, it just cant make it up. and I also don’t want to make the push value higher, because then it will go much to fast! Any way to do this without using paths?

Hi @TheLaidBackLama, send us a remixable example of a CoSpace with the feature that you search for so we will able to help you better.

Bye Giuseppe

I’ll come back to you once my teacher responds, since I can’t share cospaces right now.

It’s a common and interesting problem @TheLaidBackLama - how do you maintain a steady speed using physics, how do you change it if the angle of the car or friction changes, and how to provide controls for all this which are user-friendly?

Have a think about how a car motor (not electric) normally works, and if you’re unsure, do some research - this might help you with ideas for solutions.

Good luck!
Geoff @ TechLeap