Carry Score over

Hi I followed your scene here Transfer variables (scores) between scenes? to carry my score over to the next scene, but when I click the cat in my next scene it only says one letter. Here is my scene CoSpaces Edu :: RSS thanks for any help!

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It works with the letters from the first scene. On the second scene you do not set the property when the letters are clicked. Reproduce the same logic from the first scene and it will work perfectly!

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That’s great thanks for that, is there anyway to continue adding to the score in the next scene as I would like to keep clicking on the letters. I noticed even though I click on more letters the score does not increase. As well is there any code to remove the scene change ui at the bottom of the screen?

The property value is same for all scenes, so you can use it on all scenes and print the value where you need it. Please, do not forget to update property after each letter click.

To remove scene navigation on the bottom of the screen, please use “Set scene navigation” block from the “Control” category

Great! Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

I was wondering if you could explain how the green operator block “test if true if false” block works, I don’t quite understand it.

It checks if the value exists and executes the corresponding code. It is used when you don’t know if the variable was initialised.

In this example we check if the property not null (it means something was stored there and we have some collected letters). If the property is not null, then variable Letters is set to this property.

great thanks for the explaination

Hmmm it transfers the score to the second scene but on my third scene the score does not seem to register CoSpaces Edu :: RSS

The problem is that you set “Players letter” property and read “Player letter”. if you change them to be equal, it would work

A I see, small mistake = big changes. Thanks again!

Is there a way to lower my music volume (or raise my movie volume) as the music drowns out my video

There is no volume control from the editor or CoBlock at the moment.
We will discuss implementing this feature in the future.

Great thanks for the info, it would be a welcome feature.