Change if block to if then else block

Probably I am missing something really trivial, but could not find this :(, how can we add an else part to an already laid down if… then … block without needing creating an entire new if … then … else … block and recreating the true part?

Though you cannot transform if to if-else block, the moving content from one block to another is a matter of two drag-and-drops. Seems not to be a big of an issue.

yes, but need to recreate the if condition, so it is not really a 2 drag drops, but a bit more, and the risk is to drag the wrong things, so with children with some motorial/mechanical disability it can be a small obstacle. You have to be quite precise in the dragging/drop movement, and it can become confusing.
However it is not a showstopper, obviously, and if you have bigger things to implement, forget this . I just wanted to be sure I didnt miss some shortcut that would have helped in doing that, sometimes a lot of trivial things are difficult to see even if you have them in plain sight.

I see your concerns about accessibility.

What might me more convenient in some situations is to use copy/paste. For example, to copy if condition in one go, one can select the root block in the condition, then copy it via menu (three dots button) or with ctrl + c, then select the root if condition of target block and insert it with the menu or ctrl + v.

@Claudio_Pacchiega An alternative solution is to create a 2nd opposite if statement after the first. There are some educational merits in doing this first, before introducing the if-then-else, so that students understand how they can create these opposite conditional statements.