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How can i change panel text from Blockly? In my scenario, teacher asks question. when student knows the correct answer, panel text change . And the other question appear.

Coded blockly .

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you can set up multiple info panels in Blockly and display the correct one dependent on a certain condition.

In this example I display an info panel when clicking on the teacher and when you click on her the second time another one will be displayed. This is based on the value of the clicked variable which is incrementing when clicking on the teacher.

Maybe you can do something similar.


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unfortunately at the moment we don’t have any function to change panel’s text from Blockly. We will support it in next versions.

Similar to previous example you can use multiple text billboards of the same size. In the sample below I created two panels and hid one of them by sinking below ground. By clicking a panel it is swapped with another one.


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