Changing the jump height of the camera


Can i change the jump height for pressing the spacebar?

Hi @Taro_van_Gelderop,

You could use “When Spacebar is clicked” CoBlock to control the camera movement and create your own logic for jump.

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Hi Taro, if Nikolay’s answer resolves your query, please mark that answer as the Solution.

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Geoff @ TechLeap

@Nikolay That could be a solution. But the student would like the jump option active, but now it’s jumping to high.

@Taro_van_Gelderop, here’s a code snippet and a remixable example:

However, @Nikolay, even the jump in this example is poor. I can’t use Physics, as the Camera doesn’t register as a Physics Item, so the only way to get a good jump is through Camera.jumpVelocity in the Developer API (which is not publicly available). I’m wondering if the jump velocity could be an additional setting in the Camera options, when Walk is selected, or made available in the Public API.


Geoff @ TechLeap