Changing the Teacher of a Classroom

Hey all

Just wanted to know if there is a way to hand off a class to a different teacher on a basic account? I will be leaving my school soon and do not wish to let all the work the students have done go to waste and would like to pass the account to another teacher.

Is this possible or is there a way to save work so the students can take it into another class?

Thank you

Hi. Currently it is not possible to transfer the class. You could add a co-teacher to your class and stay there together.

Also, you could ask the students to copy the spaces from the class to their free play. Then the other teacher can either just see the spaces in the students’ free play or he could move them to a new assignment in a new class. This needs to be done manually for each space.

Another option would be for you to pass on the complete account, if you do not plan to continue using it himself. Then the other teacher could take over this account and just change the name, email etc. in the account settings.

Hope that helps

How do you add a co-teacher? I think this is only a PRO feature correct?

That’s correct.

Geoff @ TechLeap